Welcome to Social Distancing Signs USA.

We are a provider of Customised Safety Signage  and Social Distancing Signage, Posters, Banners and Floor Vinyls. Our products are printed in the United States by our local partners and delivered to you. As well as physical signage, we also offer downloadable social distancing signs and posters for use in your workplace or home.
All products are made to order, so if you require your logo or color scheme used in your products, please get in touch to find out how we can help you, your staff or pupils remain safe. Social Distancing Signs USA delivers a customised solution for you to communicate specific requirements for your visitors.

We offer a range of materials including Dibond, which is an aluminum composite sheet specifically designed for signs. It is both resilient, weather resistant and can be easily drilled to mount. Our Foamex signs are made from compressed PVC foam which is both rigid and hardwearing. It is extremely lightweight so it is ideal for display purposes.